Monday, 6 April 2015

Street Views


Floor Plans

Original Plan

Technical Drawings

Peer Critique

My critique is on Vanessa Russell's design

Vanessa has created an interesting and innovative design for her client. I love the contrast of sharp angular shapes vs. the soft clouds.
I really like her hand drawn and painted drawings-- they give a great sense of the atmosphere of the space she is trying to create.
The use of a digital or physical model to explore the inside spaces would be interesting to see. It would be great to see how the roof looks internally.
Her technical drawings are really clear and make it easy to understand how the space works technically.
It would be helpful to see her design in context more clearly, perhaps using images from google maps and incorporating them into perspectives.

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Floor Plan

Origional Floor Plan 

Door Concepts

These are concept models for the door handles for the two sets of double doors that lead into my space. These were designed to relate back to the interior of the space. 
I selected design 5 as the one i would use.

Initial sketches

Design 1 Close up
Design 1 Full doors

Design 2 Close up
Design 2 Full doors
Design 2 alternate

Design 3
Design 3 Close up

Design 4
Design 4 Close up
Design 4 Full Doors
Design 4 Enlarged
Design 4 Enlarged close up

Design 5
Design 5 Detail Close up
Design 5 Full doors